Domestic Relations

The types of cases that fall under this category include Divorce, Separation, Child Custody, etc.  If you are in need of an attorney to assist you with this type of case, you should know that Domestic Relations law varies widely from state to state, so be sure that the one you choose has experience with New Mexico laws.  Tucker, Yoder, Hatfield, Eley & Associates Firm attorneys are well-versed in the local laws, and are highly qualified to assist you with your case.

Domestic matters are decided by a Judge, not a jury, and often when there are no children or a large amount of property or other assets involved, the parties may decide on a settlement agreement prior to a hearing before the Judge.  When this is the case, an attorney's duty is to look out for the best interest of their client, and to negotiate the best possible settlement.

Unfortunately some domestic cases can not be settled and a trial before a Judge is required.  The attorneys at Tucker, Burns & Hatfield are seasoned trial attorneys that do not cower at the notion of a case going to trial.

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Domestic Relations law